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Before setting up a tenancy, we will take up references on you and carry out a Right to Rent Check.  Further details on the requirement for the Right to Rent Check can be found at www.gov.uk.


In order to assist you in finding the right property speedily, it is important that you supply us with mandatory information to reference you properly.


It is essential that all the information requested is supplied and the form fully completed and legible. Missing information will delay your application and may endanger your choice of property.


To be acceptable for a tenancy applicants must:


  • Have been working in full-time employment for at least 6 months. In the case of graduates or school / college leavers starting new employment you must be able to supply a copy of a formal written contract indicating your salary and start date. If your previous employment has been of a temporary nature, it must be through a recognised employment agency and proof of 12 month’s earnings must be provided
  • Provide addresses including postcodes for where you have been living (over 3 months) during the last 3 years
  • Have a good credit history (subject to appeal where you can provide written proof)
  • Have satisfactory references from the previous landlord or letting agent (if you have previously been a tenant)
  • Earn a gross annual salary which equates to at least 2.5 times the annual rental commitment that you are personally responsible for, e.g. for a monthly personal rental commitment of £300, your gross annual salary must be at least £9000


Foreign Nationals must have been living and working in the UK for at least six months and be able to prove continuity of employment either in the UK or abroad and provide a contract of employment for their current post in the UK which is at least equal to the tenancy term (e.g. 6 months) – if not, see below.


Company Applications must be submitted on the Company Application Form: All Companies must be Limited and Registered at Companies House with annual returns filed and accounts up to date. New Companies and those with no filed information will require a Director’s Guarantee. Non-Limited Companies, Partnerships and Sole Traders must be treated as Individual Applicants using the individual application form.


Subject to the Landlord's approval, you will need a Guarantor if:


  • You are a Student. Please use the Student & Guarantor Form
  • You are unemployed. Please use the Unemployed / Housing Benefit & Guarantor Form
  • You are in receipt of Housing Benefit / Local Housing Allowance. Please use the Unemployed / Housing Benefit & Guarantor Form. (In addition to a Guarantor and without exception, you will also need a pre-tenancy determination which is equal to at least 85% of the rental figure.)
  • You have not been working in continuous full-time employment for at least 6 months for a current or previous employer. NOTE: Continuous means: without a break of more than 14 days during the previous 6 month period. Full-time means: a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • Your rental commitment is more than 40% of your annual gross income
  • You have recently arrived from overseas to take up new employment. Each case will be treated individually and contracts of employment / confirmation of job offer and a copy passport will be required
  • You have an adverse credit history which you have declared on the application form (an adverse credit history would be acceptable with a guarantor provided that you have no more than one County Court Judgement / Court Decree for no more than £300 in the last 3 years)


An acceptable Guarantor must:


  • Be a resident in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or I.O.M. NOTE: Guarantors residing in the Channel Islands, Eire or elsewhere in the world are not acceptable
  • Have a clean credit history subject to appeal where documentary proof can be provided
  • Be earning a gross income of at least three times the yearly rent


You will be declined without the right of appeal if you have:


  • Any undisclosed adverse credit history including: County Court Judgements / Court Decrees (Scotland), Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcies
  • A CCJ / CD totalling more than £300, disclosed or otherwise
  • More than one CCJ / CD, disclosed or otherwise
  • An adverse reference from your previous landlord, managing agent or employer




Fees will become payable when you apply to rent a property.  Please carefully read the following before making any decisions regarding letting a property.


The fees are in addition to any Rent and Deposit payable upon or before commencement of a Tenancy.


If any of the prospective Tenants (in the case of a joint Tenancy) withdraw from the proposed Let for any reason, then the payment will not be refunded.  However, should our client Landlord or Butlers Property Ltd decide not to proceed with the proposed Tenancy, then the full amount – less the cost for the reference checks at £120.00 (incl VAT) per applicant – shall be returned to you.  In the case of misleading information being given on the application form(s), the full amount will be non-refundable.


You will be required to sign our terms and conditions agreeing to the above and other conditions regarding your application for a Tenancy.


Application & Reference Fee:


  • 50% of first months rent subject to a minimum payment £399.00 for 1 or 2 tenants inc VAT. Additional tenants charged at an additional £120 inc VAT


Company Application:

  • £474.00 inc VAT



  • Each guarantor application will be charged £120.00 inc VAT


Renewal of Tenancy Agreements at the end of Fixed Term (subject to Landlord approval):

  • £72.00 inc VAT


Late Payment of Rent:

  • Should payment not be received by the correct due date, a fee of £30.00 will be charged to cover administration
  • Should your bank not honour your Standing Order, there will be a charge of £30.00 to cover administration


  • Should you lock yourself out of your property, a fee of £60.00 will be payable for us to attend with the management keys
  • Should you lose your keys, it may be necessary to change the locks on all external doors.  You will be liable for all costs (including two keys for Butlers Property and the Landlord), plus an administration fee of £60.00


If a contractor attends your property and:

  • you wish us to accompany them, a charge of £60.00 per hour will apply (minimum charge £60.00)
  • you fail to be present (where reasonable notice of prior cancellation has not been received) a charge of £60.00 will apply
  • Should you request a contractor to visit and no fault is found, you will be charged the contractor's full call out fee will be payable by you
  • Should you request a contractor to visit and the fault is found to be one of your appliances, the contractor's full call out fee will be payable by you


Landlord Reference for New Tenancy:

  • £60.00 per reference


Return of Any Overpayment of Rent:

  • £30.00 each repayment


Administration Charge for non listed services:

  • £25.00 minimum charge (POA)


All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT @ 20%


Costs and fees set out on this page may be subject to change.


Butlers Property offers enhanced Client Money Protection to local landlords and tenants


Please contact us for more information


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